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AEDs everywhere

Your local club, group or workplace needs to get one now. CPR is one thing, but it’s only a defib that can restart a heart. And once you’ve got one let everyone know. Because you never know who could have a cardiac arrest next — maybe even you. Rally everyone together to make AEDs mandatory wherever we work or play by signing the petition.

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Why not tell your group of friends or colleagues about the petition right now? Take the time to share why you think it's so important to have AEDs all over our country.

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We're never going to save the countless lives lost to sudden cardiac arrest without people like you—people who care for the lives of others and are willing to give a shout out when they know it's something that matters.

We Need a Defib

30,000 Aussies die from cardiac arrest every year, a third with no warning at all. Every minute their survival rate drops 10%. But if there’s an AED on them in 3 minutes, their survival rate goes to above 75%. So having one in your local club, group or workplace is crucial — if life is important to you.