Cardiac safety at work

Does your workplace have an AED?

We’re ready when injuries happen with our First Aid kits. We’re even ready for fires with our fire extinguishers. But when someone falls into cardiac arrest are we ready?

Cardiac arrest kills 30,000 of our loved ones every year in Australia, even though we have AEDs that can save them. The problem is that there’s not enough of them. According to St John research, only one in five NSW workplaces have one. That’s why your workplace, along with every other one, needs an AED. Without them, cardiac arrest victims' survival rates drop 10% every minute. But with one on them in 3 min it shocks their survival rate to above 75%.

Get cardiac-arrest ready today by buying an AED. Making everyone’s life (including yours) top priority. So every employee, customer, bystander or anyone walking by your workplace can be saved.