Who we are

We are people who feel shocked. Shocked at how many Australians die from cardiac arrest. Especially when so many would survive if there was an automatic external defibrillator nearby.

We are a campaign to see that 90% of Australians are within three minutes of an AED. We bring together everyone who is concerned. We are people who have lost loved ones to cardiac arrest. We are people whose loved ones have been saved by an AED. 

We are involving ordinary Australians, doctors, paramedics, nurses, AED manufacturers and suppliers, not-for-profits, marketers and others who are all united by a desire to make AEDs easily accessible to all Australians to save lives. We are committed to working alongside any individual or organisation that shares our objective.

We are not a commercial operation. We don’t supply, sell, service or provide training in the use of AEDs. We are here to promote and educate Australians so we all enjoy greater wellbeing. We are in the process of becoming a registered charity. 

We began in in November 2017, determined to give all Australians a second chance at life.