About the Corporate Heart Hero Award

The Corporate Heart Hero Award from Australian Hearts recognises businesses who have provided access to defibrillators in their workplace. The Corporate Heart Hero Award aims to recognise Australian businesses in their efforts to increase awareness and accessibility of defibrillators. The promotion culminates in a single overall winner being chosen as the 2019 Corporate Heart Hero of the Year.


The Corporate Heart Hero Award has been established to recognise and reward organisations for their efforts to increase accessibility to defibrillators. The recipients are honoured and earn a place amongst a distinguished group of community-minded organisations by having their actions acknowledged and celebrated.


Entry is open to all registered businesses, both for and not for profit. To be eligible, businesses must have a registered ABN and an Australian address.

Participants are required to complete the Corporate Heart Hero nomination form to apply. All areas of the form must be completed.


Entries must meet the following criteria.

  1. Location of Defibrillator
    90% of fixed location staff are within three minutes of a defibrillator at all times.
  2. Accessibility
    All staff are aware of the defibrillator and have access to its location.
  3. Regular Maintenance
    The company has a nominated staff worker who is responsible for the machine remaining fully operational.

Extra consideration will be given to entries that fulfil the following non-required criteria.

  1. Accessibility to the Broader Public
    The defibrillator is accessible to the public outside business hours and clear signage indicates its location.


Read the full terms and conditions here. 


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