An AED* in Every Workplace by 2020

The Australian Hearts campaign is calling on the community, business and government to work together.

We want to see an Australia where, if anyone in your workplace has a cardiac arrest, you’ll be both able to find an AED within 3 minutes and are trained in how to use it. We know if you get to an AED fast, they have a real chance of making a full recovery.


About the Campaign

We are calling on Federal and State Governments to make defibrillators (also called Automatic External Defibrillators or AEDs), and training for how to use them, mandatory in every Australian workplace just like first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

We have been speaking with public officials, MPs and interested parties to help make this happen. In 2018, Safework Australia is conducting a review into Australia's Model Workplace Health and Safety Laws. We have created a submission for this Enquiry and continue to work to positively impact our laws so that workplaces are safer, and so that more lives can be saved.

When a Defib is within 3 minutes of every Australian we will save up to 10 Aussies per day! 


Useful Information

1. Download the Australian Hearts Submission to the 2018 Review of the Model Workplace Health and Safety Laws 

2. Download the Australian Hearts Fact Sheet on AEDs in the workplace.

3. Review the Status of the 2018 Safework Enquiry


Key Facts

Fact: 30,000 Aussies suffer an out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in Australia every year, the vast majority do not survive

Fact: SCA effects kids, adults and older Aussies. It effects fat Aussies and skinny Aussies. It effects fit Aussies and unfit Aussies.

Fact: Many of these SCA's (~15%) occur in public places, where bystanders can dramatically change survival rates

Fact: Every minute that passes without CPR and a Defib reduces the chance of survival by 10%.

Fact: On average an ambulance takes 8-12 mins to reach a victim, hence only one in four victims survive (witnessed shockable rhythm)

Fact: Research and global experience in cities like Seattle (Seattle’s Kings County) show that if a defib and CPR is applied within 3 mins up to three in four victims survive (witnessed shockable rhythm)

Fact: Today 10 Aussie families will lose a loved one because a defib wasn't close by when they suffered their SCA

Fact: The above fact is so serious you need to read it again! This is alot of mums, dads, husbands and wives. 

Fact: Defibs are safe to use, cost between $2k and $3k, are already included in first aid training

Fact: Fire Extinguishers, smoke alarms, fire exits, fire hoses are compulsory in Aussie workplaces and yet only 56 Aussies died from fire related causes in 2016

Fact: Only one in five (20%) workplaces in NSW have an defib installed, with 73% of employees have no training in how to use one.

Fact: Australian Laws change when enough Aussies stand together and demand change. "We need Defibs at work"